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Where Can I Bet On Starcraft 2?
Betting Bonuses
Betting on Starcraft 2
The Main Outcome Of Betting On Starcraft 2
Handicap and Total by Maps
Betting on Starcraft 2 – What Do You Need to Know?
How to Play Starcraft 2
Starcraft II: Heir to the Throne
The Most Significant Competitions
History of Starcraft Events
Varieties of Starcraft 2 Bets
Who Can You Bet On?

Starcraft 2

Today, Starcraft is the only discipline of its kind. The heyday of this game ended several years ago, but the game still has a certain audience. Blizzard is doing everything possible to keep their child alive and active. And betting on Starcraft 2 is still popular!

Where Can I Bet On Starcraft 2?

There are a lot of betting websites that offer Starcraft betting, but we advise you to consider only those who are serious about betting on eSports, like GGBET platform.

Betting Bonuses

In Starcraft, you can bet on the outcome of the match using bonuses. Below, you’ll find a brief game’s history and the betting options in eSports tournaments.

The sequel of the legendary strategy game was released in the summer of 2010. Back then, the League of Legends was not yet popular, and Dota 2 and CS:GO did not even exist. Gamers loved Starcraft – a game where no luck involved, with high-quality graphics and a full-fledged ladder system. What else could you ask for?

However, by 2013, Starcraft 2 had to move over for new players in the eSports arena – Dota, LoL, and CS: GO.

We highlighted three reasons why it happened:

  • “Blizzard” destroyed its own heaven – the game lost ground when developers didn’t manage to determine the major focus of the game – should they release patches for professional gamers or a wider audience? The problem hasn’t been solved yet. There is a huge abyss between amateurs and pros in terms of their gaming level and understanding of the game. The strategies implemented by professional gamers are beyond beginners’ abilities. The balance problems constantly haunted by pros are not interesting to beginners at all. The outcome was inevitable – trying to straddle two worlds, Activision Blizzard lost both.
  • The second reason is the difficulty of perception and a way too high threshold for entering it. It’s even harder to get used to the game than to Dota 2. And if you consider the increased exactingness (the biggest among all esports disciplines) to personal skill, then everything becomes much more complicated.
  • The third reason is kind of a consequence of the second one. Starcraft isn’t too much fun for an average viewer. Needless to say, people who understand the game will appreciate the beauty of a particular moment and catch the flight of a gamer’s thoughts. But those who do not understand the mechanics of Starcraft will get pretty much nothing.

Starcraft II bettingStarcraft is a real-time strategy game, where you can play for one of three races:

  • Zerg,
  • Terran (people),
  • Protoss.

Performing a role is truly an art because of its unique mechanics and various strategies. The map duration ranges from 15 minutes to an hour or more. The player who destroys all the opponent’s structures is awarded a victory. The player who sees that further resistance is useless writes the “gg” message and leaves the match.

In 2017, Starcraft: Remastered appeared – the rebirth of the first part of the strategy with mechanics performed in the original version of the game. Another attempt of Blizzard to somehow revive the extinct interest.

Unfortunately, these measures could not solve the problems mentioned above. However, fans are still curious if the developers can invent anything to keep their best (along with Warcraft and Diablo) creation alive. The” patient’s” state is “stable-heavy,” and he is undergoing intensive care and artificial lung ventilation, and no professor can make any predictions. The only thing is to hope for the help of a third force, which can fix it.

Betting on Starcraft 2

Here, another vulnerable point of the game looms – unfortunately, its features do not allow betting a wide line, therefore, the outcomes are limited to standard ones. They hold tournaments on different maps in the following settings:

  • best of 3;
  • best of 5;
  • best of 7.

We will discuss the main betting options below.

The Main Outcome Of Betting On Starcraft 2

There is no element of chance – the player’s victory is determined by:

  • micro-control;
  • macro-game;
  • mind games.

The most interesting is that you can’t even say which of these three components has priority. If a gamer does not possess or hardly maintains one of these skills, he is not going to make it to the pro. Having considered and correctly weighed these three parameters, you can predict the outcome of the tournament with 80% accuracy.

Handicap and Total by Maps

To predict this outcome, you need to know which specific maps players will play. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bet with any confidence. At all.

Betting on Starcraft 2 – What Do You Need to Know?

Betting on Starcraft I

It is likely that Starcraft, presented in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment, was the king of real-time strategy (RTS). It attracted the attention of people who were looking for a balanced competitive online multiplayer strategy.

The gameplay is focused on creating a base with many buildings around strategically important centers – usually mineral and gas fields. The opposing sides are carrying out the extraction of resources necessary to form army units and the construction of more complex buildings that open access to even more powerful units. The ultimate goal is to use these units to destroy the opponent’s base and their units and resist the opponent’s aggression.

How to Play Starcraft 2

Starcraft is that type of competition game where one gamer (or computer) fights another one. Although there is an option for the 2vs2 game, it starts with choosing one of three races, and opposing sides may choose the same race.

Usually, players prefer choosing the same race all the time since then, and they can improve their skills by knowing all the features and details. Here is a brief description of each of the races:

  • Zerg are aliens, somewhat resembling insects. Their strong suit is that they usually outnumber an opponent.
  • Protoss is a highly organized race of aliens. They are limited by a few units that require micro-level control.
  • Terrans are a human race. They are pretty flexible.

Starcraft II: Heir to the Throne

Starcraft 2 bets

The sequel, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, debuted in South Korea in 2010 with international triumph. The races, mechanics, and balancing are the same – everything was at the highest level. Starcraft 2’s masterly balance and the rise of MOBA have pushed all legitimate real-time strategy competitors out of the market. We consider SC2 a classic of the RTS genre because of its absolute dominance in this genre.

Being a repetitive game, Starcraft 2 has used a whole decade to perfectly tune and balance its heroes. Developers have published several variants of the next release, and we consider the most successful ones to be Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. The new content is predominantly designed for one player; each subsequent version (and some patches) changes the balancing of the multiplayer. However, Blizzard still tries to keep things on an even keen, so as not to irritate the remaining ideological supporters and professional gamers.

Developers have been systematically modernizing the game and its accompanying metagames since the first release in 2010. They are doing this slowly, step by step.

The Most Significant Competitions

SC2 matches are very diverse in terms of gamers’ skills and prize pools. Major tournaments can offer six digits prizes for the winner, but the vast majority of tournaments are much more modest – they are limited to four-digit numbers.

So, if we compare the size of the prize pools, Starcraft is closer to CS: GO than to Dota 2.

  • The largest competition is the World Cup Series (WCS) hosted by Blizzard Entertainment itself, with selected sponsors. Only the best of the best are invited to take part in Blizzard’s key events.
  • There are also less prestigious events that are held by other organizers (Electronic Sports League – ESL). Their largest tournament is Intel Extreme Masters.

History of Starcraft Events

Starcraft became a huge Esports discipline in South Korea, where the original game made a splash. About half of the world’s total Starcraft sales come from Korea. Thousands of Korean players were flooding stadiums to watch the broadcast of an esports game because professional esports was the only legal way to bet in South Korea.

Most prizes of million US dollars were won by gamers from hosting countries. Despite no problems with access to the online multiplayer mode, gamers often prefer to attend the tournament in person. Starcraft is the first game that was perceived by people who do not play it themselves.

Varieties of Starcraft 2 Bets

Varieties of Starcraft 2 Bets

The easiest way to bet on SC2 is through an online broker, but at the moment, they are not available for US residents.

  • Most often, bettors bet on the winner of a particular match. In some professional league matches, you can bet on the outcome of an individual match in the lineup. An alternative option is to bet on a specific team that is supposed to win the series.
  • In tournaments, you can place futures bets on who will win the tournament. Or how many rounds are left for a certain player (team).
  • Some betting shops allow betting on the outcome of several options in various events of esports and Starcraft 2. These bets are more complex.
  • Players bet by virtual goods from Steam accounts through different websites.

Who Can You Bet On?

You can find out here:

  • WCS Standings page. This is not an exhaustive source, but it is good enough for a start. You can see the full list of players with the most WCS points earned for winning prestigious events.
  • Monologues of professional commentators – if you listen carefully, you can glean some information about the preferences or playing style of the gamer. Commentators often (especially during breaks) conduct a detailed analysis of each gamer, considering the following:
    1. A gamer’s success rate against a specific race or on a specific map.
    2. Unusual gaming strategies.
    3. The level of micromanagement of a gamer compared to his opponent.
    4. The efficiency of a gamer on a specific unit.
    5. Personal data about the gamer, the status of his team.

>Who Can You Bet On starcraft 1Over the years, professional commentators have collected a lot of data while watching every gamer, so even the very random phrase of them could be the clue to the question whom to bet on.

Keep in mind that Starcraft 2 is a tough strategy with high entry barriers and a tricky learning curve, for both gamers and observers. The best way to learn who to bet on is to listen to an experienced commentator and observe successful players. Also, one of the most informative resources about SC2 is the website.

The game encyclopedia provides users with information of the following nature:

  • Starcraft 2 news.
  • Strategies designed for each race.
  • Information about fees.
  • Biographies of gamers and teams.
  • Schedules of tournaments.
  • Statistics.

So it’s plenty of data out there to predict the likely outcome. Bettors serious about making money have everything they need for a confident start. Indeed, it’s not so easy to find information about opponents, but it is possible. Now, esports is among the most promising areas of the entertainment industry. Consequently, those who are serious about analyzing the strengths/weaknesses of opponents and listen to the commentators will surely make some dough!

Let’s make Starcraft great again! Bet, play and win!