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Features of Betting on LoL
Where Do I Bet on League of Legends?
LoL Betting Bonuses
League of Legends Betting
League of Legends betting variation – main outcome
Total Kills – Popular LoL Bets
Map Duration
Kill Handicap
Important information about League of Legends betting
League of Legends: Rules, Tips and Tricks
League of Legends Tournaments and Prize Pools
Betting on League of Legends
How to Get an Advantage When Betting on LoL?

League of legends

According to official figures, League of Legends is one of the most popular of all video games in the world. Statistics of gamers and viewers can best support this statement. There are a lot of reasons for this, ranging from the age of League of Legends (new games are always of great interest) to competent work with in-game balance and upgrades (at least Riot Games put their best effort into this).

Developers systematically alter the gameplay, which maintains the high interest of the target audience. Esports events are also held at the highest level.

Simple graphics, low entry threshold but the very high cost of error – that’s what League of Legends is all about.

Features of Betting on LoL

The MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) video game genre is prevalent in both esports and PC games in general. The MOBA’s current king is the League of Legends (LoL). It was inspired by Defense of the Ancients from Warcraft III Blizzard Entertainment.

Riot Games invited Steve Feck (DotA: Allstars Mod) to help develop a standalone MOBA product. He was chosen for this task because he had previously managed to popularize a similar product.

LoL is a typical 5×5 online MOBA game with a clear task- to demolish the Nexus, the principal building located at the opponent’s base. In terms of competition, unlike Dota 2, tournament organizers try to avoid “Best of One” events at all costs, preferring LAN tournaments and matches to online events.

Where Do I Bet on League of Legends?

Any betting shop, from the world-famous GGBet to completely new organizations, somehow connecting themselves with eSports, accepts bets on League of Legends. Given the general popularity of the discipline, a wide line pattern can be seen not only in esports bookmakers but also in classic ones. This fact alone speaks volumes!

LoL Betting Bonuses

The following are the most popular bonuses for betting on LoL. Additionally, you can learn more about the types of bets and gameplay.

The peculiarity of League of Legends is the absolute control of the developer, Riot Games, over the entire esports space. As a result, there are no issues with the organization of tournaments and the payment of cash rewards.

Regarding betting, a lot of people think that if LoL is one of the most popular video games, then it should have the widest “audience” of bookmakers. Yes, it is generally true. The exception is the CIS countries. In the post-Soviet space, Dota 2 and CS:GO dominate.

League of Legends Betting

League of legends bets

Сompared to other eSports disciplines, this game carries a much smaller element of chance (in other words, luck is not much to count on). The cost of a mistake here is inexcusable: the esports meta, which has been in effect for the last 2-3 years, predisposes to a passive and extremely accurate strategy – teams prefer not to make sudden movements to minimize the likelihood of a mistake. Whoever stumbled has, most likely, already lost.

League of Legends Bets

It’s time to look at the main types of bets on League of Legends. The vast majority of matches in this type of eSports take place in The Best of 3 and Best of 5 formats. To be fair, this option (betting matches of equal teams) is the best. Why is that? It’s because the game is subject to the deepest analysis, and odds rarely present a clear picture of what will happen on the field.

Total Kills – Popular LoL Bets

Due to the passive meta aimed at farming, as well as getting dragons and towers, players prefer to avoid massive battles at all costs – there may not be even 10 frags in the game. Apart from that, there is no ransom here, like in Dota 2, which means that the cost of death is constantly rising every minute. We advise you to bet on the “under” of kills, especially when betting on Korean teams that check every move.

Map Duration

It’s a lot more complicated than betting on kills. It makes sense to bet on map duration only after a draft of teams appears, i.e. in live mode. Otherwise, it’s just roulette. And luck is the least important factor here.

Kill Handicap

Unfortunately, it’s better to avoid this bet. To predict such an outcome, you have to foresee not only the likely outcome but also the process of the game. And you can do it step by step, in detail. In the case of LoL, it’s almost impossible.

League of Legends: Rules, Tips and Tricks

League of legends betting rulesIn a competitive virtual sports environment, League of Legends is a 5v5 match where the winner is the team that destroys the enemy’s Nexus. The bases of the opposing sides are connected by three roads. This is where the teams meet.
On each road, there are:

  • Minions ( who periodically appear at each base) aim to attack the fortress and the opposing team. If the player happens to destroy these minions with “last blows,” he gets a gold reward, which he may spend to purchase the necessary goods. Also, for each frag, he gets experience points that allow them to level up and acquire new skills.
  • Turrets are structures that form a stationary line of defense. They are used to fire at enemy units and minions.
  • Inhibitors are the structures at the end of each road. If the player eliminates an inhibitor, a new minion of increased power appears. He’ll attack the enemy base.
  • Jungle zones located between the roads are inhabited by neutral monsters. Well, neutral just means that they don’t support any of the opposing sides. However, nothing prevents them from attacking units in their access zone. They do so with frightening regularity led by a desire to find gold, experience points, and strength.

Each gamer controls one character with unique abilities, effects, type of damage and statistics. Given these characteristics, gamers and their characters play different roles to yield a better result for a team. The important point is that each character can play different roles, but either way, the first role is the major one, and the second one is auxiliary.
LoL singles out the following roles:

  • Tanks are characters designed for close combat. Tanks lock enemies down to let their team begin a fight. They damage an enemy substantially, protect other heroes in team battles, and, if necessary, assume the damage so that other units are safe.
  • Bruisers possess a combination of damage and tanking skills. They are more effective at the beginning of the battle because they eliminate enemies first and later protect other team members.
  • Support is represented by characters whose sole purpose is to protect their allies.
  • Assassins specialize in killing high-value targets but in general combine basics of each role. They act like hunters who can influence different parts of the map.
  • Junglers are the characters taking the position in between 3 main lanes on the map (jungle). Their goal is to obtain as much gold and experience points as possible which allows them to start ganking. They also help players control the main areas of the map.
  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry) characters can easily cause colossal damage in seconds. Hence the name, these characters are designed to destroy enemy units. However, they are vulnerable and may die with minor damage.
  • Shooters and Wizards are known as carries. Being weak at the start, these characters become extremely powerful at the end of the game. The shooters are called AD-carries (because of the attack damage they cause). Wizards are known as AP-carries (stands for Ability Power). The damage they cause is largely due to skills.

Betting on League of Legends

There are several aspects of League of Legends that you should also consider:

  • location on the map;
  • purchase of goods;
  • specific characters not led by players (like Baron Nashor or The Dragon). Players get special bonuses for destroying them.

Considering all the info above, it is easy to conclude that LoL is a complex and multifaceted game. And every facet is important for understanding the secrets of success.

League of Legends Tournaments and Prize Pools

People who don’t play LOL are always surprised about the full-scale tournaments hosted by developers. They collect millions of viewers! Let’s face it, only a few events have a status high enough to be hosted at Madison Square Garden. Well, that’s where they conducted the 2015 North American LoL Championship.

The largest LoL tournament (organized by the Riot Games) was the 2019 World Cup, with a prize pool of $2.2 million!

You can find details and schedule of the tournaments and matches either on the bookmaker’s website or Leaguepedia where tournaments, prize pools, opponents, and overall prestige indicators are listed.

Betting on League of Legends

Every web resource that offers bets on esports competition outcomes must include the League of Legends lineup. For Americans, betting on fantasy esports sites is the only legitimate way to make money on esports. GGBet is such a place. Here, you can bet on different eSports events, including LoL tourneys.

You can place almost the same bets on the outcome of esports events as on football, basketball and other sports. You just have to predict right any of this::

  • futures on the winner of the tournament;
  • who will be the winner in one match;
  • how many matches will Team X win in a given tournament;
  • handicap bets on the outcome of the series.

US residents can bet only with play money. About 7.5 million people watch the game at rush hour every day, and tens of millions watch it monthly. 27 million people have watched the 2019 World Cup Finals live in ESPN and online broadcast; official YouTube video has more than 3 million views. More people watched the 2019 League of Legends World Cup Finals than the 2019 NBA Finals’ playoff (18 million) or the 2019 World Series (23.5 million).

How to Get an Advantage When Betting on LoL?

How to Get an Advantage When Betting on LoL

We advise you to start training by watching one of the above-mentioned stages of the World Cup final or any other match. Fortunately, there are many relevant channels on First of all, you need to pay attention to players like Team Solomid. There are many other equally worth teams and players; you can find a list of all the teams on the Leaguepedia website.

Playing League of Legends on your own is also an important element of training for a bettor who specializes in esports. Well, maybe by playing it a couple of times, you won’t fully understand the pros, but it will help you to increase the chances of a correct prediction. Betting on ordinary sports is the same – to predict right the outcome of the basketball or football match, you should play the game yourself, watch some matches, and understand the essence of the discipline.

When thinking about the process, it is very important to keep the following statistics in mind:

  • Kills/Deaths/Assists, as well as the Kill/Death ratio.
  • Gold/minute and the total amount of gold mined.
  • The experience accumulated over 1 minute.
  • The number of creeps and enemy minions destroyed during the game.

All of the above-mentioned indicators are vital game aspects. The experience and gold obtained during the destruction of minions, players and assistants make it possible to gain more power. The importance of quantity and death rate is driven by obvious reasons.

During the games of the World Cup final, commentators regularly focus on the amount of mined gold and number of kills, considering these values ​​to be fundamental in statistics. You can find all the info on the Riot Games page. Besides, you can find the results of the last tournament on Leaguepedia.


If you want to learn more about esports and profit from it by betting on your favorites, it makes sense to choose League of Legends. There is nothing extraordinary about the success of this discipline – it’s the result of the implemented policy of the development team. The audience and the size of the prize pools increase annually.

After the League of Legends, it won’t be difficult for you to understand other MOBA games and make money on them. Dota 2, Smite, and similar disciplines are based on a ten-year modification. We will reap its fruits in the future, after the release of new versions.