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NaVi 2010 vs. NaVi 2020 CS 1.6 and CS: GO Exhibition Matches
Forecast for NaVi 2010 vs NaVi 2020 show match
About the organization
Navi team partners (Navi)
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The Ukrainian esports team Natus Vincere has two divisions:

  1. Main squad NaVi players
  2. NaVi junior players

Natus Vincere logo

NaVi 2010 vs. NaVi 2020 CS 1.6 and CS: GO Exhibition Matches

navi 2010 vs 2020 battle

Former gamers of Navi’s Counter-Strike division cease to delight fans with a demonstration of high skill. Now, they don’t compete on the professional stage much. However, they often broadcast their games on the Twitch platform so that their fans have never stopped following them.

Just recently Kirrill «Boombl4» Mikhailov (who is now a Natus Vincere player ) and Arseny «ceh9» Trinozhenko conducted a joint broadcast. They put a good show, having competed in CS 1.6. People were so excited by the broadcast, that organizукі decided to conduct an exhibition match between NaVi 2010 and NaVi 2020 teams on August 1, 2020.

They announced the setting of the show and determined maps on July 23. First, teams were to play 3 games in CS 1.6 on the Train, Inferno, and Tuscan maps.

Next, the champions of IEM 2010 and IEM 2020 were to compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Again, they were to fight on Train, Inferno, Dust 2 maps. The rosters of both teams:

NAVI 2010 NAVI 2020
Daniil Zeus Teslenko Egor flamie Vasiliev
Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko Alexander S1mple Kostylev
Egor markeloff Markelov Denis Electronic Sharipov
John Edward Sukharev Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov
Sergey Starix Ischuk Ilya Perfecto Zalutsky

Forecast for NaVi 2010 Vs. NaVi 2020 Exhibition Match

Once, NaVi 2010 was considered the top Counter-Strike team on the pro-scene, but the current squad has been confidently defending the inherited title. Since NaVi 2020 is training hard and opposing the world’s leading teams in Counter-Strike: GO, they have to beat the oldies. However, many of the former team members participate in eSports championships from time to time; only markeloff is not active.

As for CS 1.6: current Navi players are pretty young, so they hardly caught the era of CS 1.6, thus giving the veterans a chance. The exhibition match promises to be exciting and emotional, and it starts at 16:00 Moscow time on 08/01/2020, do not miss it.

About the Organization

navi first teamThe first line-up of Natus Vincere (“born to win” in Latin), often called Na`Vi , was a Ukrainian multi-game organization that was founded in 2009 as a Counter-Strike team after the collapse of the KerchNET team. They are best known for their performance in all 2011-2014 Internationals, where they won 20 major events and advanced to the final of three consecutive Internationals.

Na`Vi’s Dota division was created in October 2010 by Goblak, XBOCT, Mag ~, Deff -, and Axypa players. After Mag ~ and Deff left the team, they invited Danil ” Dendi ” Ishutin and Ivan ” Artstyle ” Antonov. The team was later invited to The International 2011 and defeated the Chinese team EHOME in the final.

On June 11, 2013, Na`Vi gathered a women’s team. The organization expanded to North America after qualifying for International in June 2014. On December 5 of the same year, Natus Vincere announced that they were disbanding Na`Vi.US .

After Natus Vincere could not qualify for Frankfurt-on-Major 2015, on October 16, Natus Vincere announced the departure of their Dota 2 team, leaving the organization without a list of participants for the first time since its creation. And four days later, Natus Vincere announced that Dendi and SoNNeikO would be back to create a new team.

In July 2016, Na`Vi defeated Team Secret to win StarLadder i- League StarSeries Season 2 at BTS Studios, Los Angeles. It was their first tournament win since 2014, ending a 20-month drought of tournament wins.

The players of the main squad are divided by game directions:

  • Dota 2 (new, since september 18, 2020)

navi dota 2 new flytomoon

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)

navi cs go

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

navi pubg

  • Apex Legends

navi apex legends

  • Rainbow Six

navi rainbow six

  • Quake

navi quake
Junior players have a team only in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) game direction.

Navi Team Partners

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Navi CS: GO Game Schedule

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